Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Friday July 29th Larf W/ The Douche Crew, Mushroom Star & Critter @ Stay True Tattoo

Larf W/ The Douche Crew, Mushroom Star & Critter

Punk & Metal Show. Friday July 29th @ Stay True Tattoo

Come out to this show peeps. Larf from orlando is on tour and it's their 1st show in St Augustine in over a year. If you are into Screeching Weasel, The Ramones, The Queers, Mr T Experience, The Riverdales style pop punk. Deffinitely come out!!! Larf is some rad dudes as well, so it's going to be sweet hanging out with our friends from orlando!!! Other bands playing are The Douche Crew from St Augustine (sloppy pop punk Take It PJ!!) , Mushroom Star (black crusty metal that is evil and covers topics such as chrono trigger!!) And Critter is now playing the show! 2 piece folky style punk! if you like this bike is a pipe bomb and that DIY style music. Those Deland kids know how to do it right! deland florida's finest!

$ 5 Bucks
Doors at 8pm
1st band will start at 9pm
Let's try and get this show over before 12:30am

And don't fuck shit up. Respect the space and surroundings. I understand St Augustine has lack of places for punk shows. But use your head! Respect the cool people who own these business who let us have shows for bands.

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